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To TRANSform leaders and organizations to PROduce breakthrough results.


To be the thought leader and primary resource in public sector organizational transformation.

10 TransPro Values

I believe that public sector services can, and should be delivered with passion, with excellence, and with measurable value. It is why I am here.

I believe that this is a safe place to work and I am invited to say out loud what I will or would say to loved ones when I get home at night.

 I believe that I should do what I said I would do, when I said I would, and the result will be excellent. I am responsible for making certain I have the time to do that.

I believe that I am responsible for using my time and energy to enjoy the experiences in life I desire – personally and professionally. I believe that I can only do one thing great at a time, to bring maximum joy and value to myself, my teammates, and my clients.

I believe that I should come to know my teammates and clients personally – and demonstrate to them that I know them that way. I believe by connecting this way, I can be proactive to their needs, expressed and unexpressed, to bring the greatest value.

I believe that I should bring facts to a conversation with my teammates and my clients, and make clear when I am only expressing my opinion.

I believe that I should know what success looks like for the company and monitor whether we are achieving it. I believe that I should know what success looks like for me – and how I contribute to the company’s success.

I believe that demonstrating courage and informed risk-taking is an attribute. I believe I work with a team that encourages me to demonstrate both.

I believe I should commit myself, and lead my teammates on the journey of continuous learning.  I believe that seeking to develop insight and introducing facts, critical thinking and my innate desire to challenge conventional wisdom, group think, and perhaps myopic accepted answers makes me, my team, and our clients better served.

I believe that I am responsible for upholding these values and bringing measurable value to my teammates, our clients, and our company.


Mark Aesch

Chief Executive Officer

Luke Allison

Senior Project Analyst

Veronica Garner

Administrative Specialist

Aimee Harrington

Director of Operations

David Johnson

Senior Project Leader

Katie Jurenka

Senior Project Analyst

Kellie Melleady

Customer Experience Lead

Lauren Sloan

Marketing and Communications Lead

Advisory Board

Ray Melleady

Advisory Board Member

Kimberly Slaughter

Advisory Board Member

Phil Washington

Advisory Board Member

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