Mark Aesch

Mark Aesch

Chief Executive Officer

Mark Aesch is a thought leader who passionately believes that public sector agencies can operate as efficiently and as focused on meeting customer needs as private sector businesses.

As CEO and founder of TransPro, Mark leads the team in guiding organizations to new levels of performance excellence with the 7 Steps to Success performance management model. Mark has extensive experience in facilitating meetings and retreats with Boards, management, staff, and community members. He also supports organizations in the development of strategic plans, performance measurement systems, incentive compensation programs, and programs to improve service.

As Senior Advisor and certified executive leadership coach at Boston Consulting Group, Mark has advised transportation executives around the world. His leadership has driven millions of dollars in cost savings, aligned leadership teams, and dramatically improved performance.

Mark is a dynamic public speaker with representation from Washington Speaker’s Bureau and Leading Authorities. He is also the best-selling author of the business book Driving Excellence, published by Hyperion in 10 countries, which details the concept of managing a public sector agency with a private-sector mindset at the regional transit system in Rochester, New York. His new book, Saving America: 7 Proven Steps to Make Government Deliver Great Results, expands on the principles and strategies that make organizations successful.

Mark holds bachelor’s degrees in communications and history from the College at Brockport.

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