Whole-Person Hiring: Finding the Right Fit

As firms try to avoid the costs of mis-hires and strive for higher retention rates, many hiring teams are utilizing tools that assess elements beyond a candidate’s skill set — turning their attention toward the personality profile that would be most successful in a given role. If a hiring team is able to define personality traits that would be best suited to the nature of a position, it is more likely that the selected candidate will have a successful and fulfilling experience within the company. Horst Schulze supports this idea in Excellence Wins, pointing out the importance of selecting a candidate who is qualified for the job on the basis of both skill set and personality. The judgement here is not on the likability or friendliness of the person, but instead on how well his or her personality matches the “success profile” of the job.

As TransPro’s approach to hiring focuses on finding the right combination of Chemistry, Character and Competence, we supplement our Executive Recruitment services with cognitive and behavioral assessments that provide insight on an employee’s natural tendencies and drives in comparison to others. These assessments not only helps narrow down an appropriate candidate pool, they also strives to create a good interview experience for the candidate. They can also help managers identify what each employee needs in order to function at their best, therefore avoiding instances of inefficiency and conflict across the organization.

As companies and prospective candidates navigate the increasingly competitive job market, it is important to consider looking beyond the skill set when selecting candidates or pursuing new positions. The likelihood of success becomes significantly greater if the personality fits the job and the team.


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