Internal Adjustments Clear the Way for External Success

TransPro is thankful for all the transit agencies working to improve the lives of their customers and communities. Often, that work comes in the form of looking inward — taking stock of what’s working well and what has room for improvement. TransPro recently partnered with the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (RTA) in an effort like this.

Acting on its mission to reliably connect customers to important destinations like jobs and schools, RTA engaged TransPro to help find a clearer path to successfully delivering in this area. Through this effort, RTA defined clear, specific success outcomes that will support that mission and bring the Cleveland community more value. And to measure progress toward those outcomes, we developed a performance measurement system to ensure they are focusing on metrics that matter most like customer impressions, on-time performance, and cost per trip.

Aligning around the mission helped RTA’s Executive Leadership Team engage its Board in determining to continue to provide consistent pre-COVID service levels RTA’s customers. With clarity around the importance of RTA being a catalyst for economic impact and access to jobs, leadership at RTA was also committed to ensuring that lack of transit was not viewed as a potential barrier by schools or workplaces in the community as they made decisions about reopening.

Throughout the pandemic, RTA has focused its efforts on providing an excellent and consistent experience for customers by continuing to provide this critical lifeline service to the community. And by establishing success outcomes and measuring key metrics, RTA is on the verge of a new season of measurable improvements at every level of the organization.


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