TransDASH: Changing the Conversation from Volume to Value

In anticipation of this year’s APTA conference, we have been exploring the idea of Value versus Volume – engaging in conversation with select industry leaders and peers. At our APTA session, we are prepared to bring this discussion to the table of the broader industry – sharing how TransDASH is going to shift the conversation from being ridership-focused to quality-oriented.

Through TransDASH, we aim to provide the transit industry with a more meaningful metric than ridership as the ultimate measure of transit system performance, and to provide a tool for transit agencies to understand how they can deliver the most value to customers.

TransDASH will allow users to view transit agency performance in each of the national outcomes and associated metrics, including peer comparisons and trends over time. Along with national outcomes, transit agencies can view their individual agency scorecards, which include outcomes and metrics specific to that particular agency and their priorities. The scorecards are complete with performance goals and goal points for each quarter and metric. Each metric can be viewed in three ways: peer comparison (if data is available), trends over time, and seasonal trends.

All metrics will be presented in a visually compelling, highly interactive dashboard that allows users to filter and create unique views. TransDASH will go beyond simply reporting data: it will demonstrate how public transit brings value to both customers and the broader community.


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