Identifying Successful Outcomes For City Residents


A nationally recognized municipal leader in performance management and early public sector adopter of the balanced scorecard, engaged TransPro to lead an effort designed to understand how residents define success for themselves and their neighborhoods, measure how well the City is delivering services and meeting residents’ needs, and align the Mayor, City Council, and City Management around a strategic plan to best support resident success.

As part of this project, TransPro undertook a thorough review of over 25 of the City’s plans and reports across transportation, housing, economic development, environment, water, safety, performance measures, and other topics to identify common themes and gaps.

TransPro also worked with the City to conduct focus groups with a diverse cross-section of residents to identify and prioritize the factors that contribute most to their personal, family, and neighborhood success. This engagement led to discussion of community priorities that had not been addressed in the City’s existing strategy documents, plans, or initiatives.

This important initiative will allow the City to make investment decisions and prioritize resources in the short, mid, and long-term for services that most support residents in their pursuit of success.


  • Strategic Planning
  • Performance Management
  • Community Engagement
  • Document Review

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