From Volume to Value – Revolutionizing the Definition of Success in Transit – Recap

Immediate past chair of APTA, Dave Stackrow facilitated a panel of transit innovators at the closing session of the 2021 APTA Expo. Recognizing the urgent need for the transit industry to revolutionize the way it defines and measures success, the panel addressed how their agencies are leading the way in objectively measuring the VALUE of transit rather than just the VOLUME of trips transit provides.

TransPro CEO, Mark Aesch, introduced TransDash, the only national database measuring the value of transit in the country. TransPro is collaborating with 9 transit agencies across the country to pilot TransDash, which will become available in January 2022.

TransDash will serve as the repository for value-based transit data and provide useful insights to the industry with objectively measurable information about transit’s impact on the economy. Aesch highlighted measurable outcomes related to customer satisfaction, community value, economic impact, environmental impact, as the kind of outcomes that will be measured offering peer comparisons and solid footing to community transit value for decades to come.

Stackrow followed Aesch’s presentation with facilitation of a great discussion with Robbie Makinen of KCATA, John Lewis of CATS, Caitlin Vargas of LTD, Kevin J. Holzendorf of JTA, and Carm Basile of CDTA on the importance of measuring #transit’s #value in addition to counting trips.

Highlights of the panel included:

KCATA CEO Robbie Makinen sharing how their 4 Pillars of Access – access to employment, housing, healthcare & education and Zero Fare creates a value
focused approach to planning and cultivating champions for regional mobility.

CDTA CEO, Carm Basile and Board chair Dave Stackrow asked the question…Transit does safe, reliable and butts in seat…but do we matter? Basile stated, “Ridership is a conversation starter and stopper. The shift to value has allowed CDTA to be recognized as an integral part of their community.” Through a value focus, CDTA is a cornerstone partner and resource in Albany.

Lane County Transit Board Chair, Caitlin Vargas shared how their game changing strategic business plan and clear outcomes defined though value
influences decisions in LTD’s collaborative work plan and vision for its future leadership.

CATS CEO John Lewis asked, “KPI’s like mean distance between failures is important, but what does that mean to the customer?” That’s why his team measures and pursues customer satisfaction as its most important metric. Sharing that they still value ridership, but it only represents 3% of their definition of success.

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