The Trip to Strip — and Other Transit Innovations in Nevada

Too many agencies collect customer data and let it collect dust on a shelf, but RTC of Southern Nevada — the transportation agency serving metro Las Vegas — is constantly finding new ways to integrate the customer voice into how they do business. And throughout the 7 years that we’ve worked with RTC to measure customer satisfaction, we have seen how their team maintains a spirit of continuous improvement, innovation, and experimentation that exemplifies the best outcomes of applying private-sector practices to public-sector work.

RTC adheres to a data-driven approach to management — leveraging customer insights, market research, and operational data to continuously adapt their service to best meet the needs of their community. Here are just some of the ways they have actionalized customer data:

  • Micromobility Pilot: RTC used customer data to inform decision making in the launch of their “Trip-to-Strip” pilot, which ran for 6 months. Analyzing resident and tourist usage of alternative mobility options like Uber and Lyft, TransPro worked with RTC to gauge customer interest in flexible, on-demand, RTC-operated service. This pilot period helped RTC collect useful information about actual usage, costs, challenges, and interest to inform future pilots and service decisions.
  • Call Center Performance: Early customer satisfaction surveys showed that customers who felt their issues were resolved were 3x more likely to be satisfied overall and recommend the service to others, and that there was room for improvement in RTC’s Call Center Performance. After undertaking a process redesign and enhanced training for its Call Center staff, customer satisfaction with Call Center performance increased by 43% over the baseline and has maintained this level of performance to this day.
  • Contractor Performance: RTC contracts with two companies to provide transit service, with each having their own set of routes to operate. By drilling down on performance by contractor, overlaying actual operating statistics, and sharing results with the contractors, RTC is able to better manage contractor performance on key issues of importance to customers like on-time performance. Leveraging both impression of performance and actual operational performance helps to keep all parties focused on solutions that effectively move the needle on customer satisfaction.

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