Government Planning

Government Planning

Success Plans: 7 Steps to Success

Through TransPro’s strategic planning process 7 Steps to Success!, organizational success is clearly defined and then a strategy is developed to achieve it.

TransPro's approach is constructed to answer three critical questions:

  1. What - does success look like this year in pursuit of the organizational vision?
  2. How - will we work this year on various activities to deliver that success - and spend money consistent with those activities?
  3. Who - is responsible for the delivery of those activities - and who owns the metrics that monitor progress?

TransPro’s 7 Steps to Success! strategic planning process lights the path from an effort driven organization to one focused on results that matter - aligning elected leaders, department heads and employees with taxpayers interests and customer value.

7 Steps to Success! clearly and quantifiably identifies success, connects individual work activity towards achieving that success by developing an aligned performance measurement system that taxpayers, customers, and employees can monitor the march to the defined Success Moment.

Communications Strategy

TransPro's Communications team has deep and multi-organizational experience in developing a comprehensive communications strategy. Through internal and external communications strategies, we work with news media and other key stakeholders to manage complex projects and distill a consistency in message development and brand awareness.

TransPro's Communications team will ensure internal and external strategies are aligned with organizational values and support strategy development, staging of events, graphic design, and a broader public visibility agenda.