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Consulting Services

Public sector. That’s what we do. Since 2011 when TransPro was formed, our mission has consistently focused on supporting public sector agencies, local governments, and school districts as they transform their culture, work processes, and management analytics.  

Over the years, we have worked coast to coast, deploying innovative strategies, customer satisfaction measurement devices, and industry-leading performance measurement systems to help public sector teams create cultures for double-digit improvements in efficiency and quality. 

The TransPro team brings decades of experience and measurable results in strategic planning, performance-based management, organizational alignment, customer quality, communications, innovative funding, and all aspect of public sector management. 

Our team includes leadership executives known for sustaining high-performance public sector organizations. We share the common goal of helping public institutions achieve breakthrough results for measurable success and return on investment for taxpayers.

Strategic Planning

TransPro has guided public sector agencies, school districts, and municipalities nationwide to organizational transformation and measurable success through our actionable strategic planning process.  

Our approach to strategic planning is our own. Our process stands apart from typical strategic plans by steps that light the path for team alignment on work and measurable performance that matters to leadership, customers, employees, and the community.

Working in collaboration with every level of an organization, from the Board and C-suite to frontline teams, TransPro strategic plans are built around answers to the critical questions:

Our strategic planning process is also acclaimed for its aligned performance measurement system – a dashboard or scorecard – that enables taxpayers, customers, and employees to easily monitor so ultimately, everyone has the same understanding of organizational success.

Transportation Planning

TransPro’s public sector focus is rooted in innovative transportation. Our Transportation Planning and GIS (Geographic Information System) mapping work has guided clients to creative solutions for service delivery, community expansion, and economic development. 

GIS mapping and visualization enables clients to plan future routes, provides justification for grant funding, helps steer and guide service planning, and determines where new transportation routes will be viable.

TransPro’s transportation and GIS expertise guides clients to successful:

Organizational Transformation

TransPro was launched with the singular focus of helping to transform public sector organizations – to guide their Transformation to Produce greater results.

Since 2011, we have worked with hundreds of public sector organizations to do just. Municipalities, state
organizations, school districts, and government agencies have all turned to TransPro for our groundbreaking work in this area.

Every organization has a unique set of challenges and goals, which TransPro discerns and then develops and delivers a program to achieve measurable and lasting results. 

Our work in this area encompasses:

TransPro Diagnostic Design Delivery Model
NICE logo

Diagnostic. Design. Delivery.

Our Diagnostic /  Design / Delivery model determines the best specialty solution for our clients.  The diagnostic phase assesses the status for a contextual understanding of the situation. It involves us asking a lot of questions and digging deep into data. That discovery leads to the smart design of a path forward – a clearly articulated solution and recommended steps for its delivery by the right TransPro talent team.


Success In Nassau County, NY

When Nassau County, NY made the bold move to break away from the MTA in New York City and launch its own public transit operations, TransPro executives helped guide the ground up formation of the county’s first ever transit system Nassau Inter-County Express (NICE).  We developed a strategic plan, a performance scorecard, and customer satisfaction program.


  • The new transit system saved taxpayers of Nassau County $52 million
  • Customer satisfaction of transit customers increased 30%

Service Improvements In Detroit

One of our earliest organizational transformation engagements involved stepping in to assist the City of Detroit when was teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. The City contracted TransPro to introduce much-needed improvements to the Detroit Department of Transportation (DDOT) after the CEO departed the organization. Our work for the massive DDOT involved the implementation of a strategic plan, operating plan, financial plan, and a performance scorecard.  


  • Within just six weeks, DDOT went from delivering only 65% of scheduled service to more than 99% every single day.
  • Customer Satisfaction jumped 44%
  • DDOT costs were reduced by $78 million

Board Governance

Within the public sector, Boards are essential – and the relationship between management and the Board should be productive.  

TransPro knows how to help establish a healthy and balanced working relationship between Board members and the leadership team. Clients have engaged us to facilitate workshops and collaborate with organizations on:

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