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Value Over Volume

The Public Transportation Industry's National Performance Dashboard

It's a new era in public transportation!

Transit has always delivered community value, but without recognition or appreciation for its community service beyond a ridership number.

With TransDASH digital dashboard transit leaders finally have the platform needed to measure performance and report community value.

Registered TransDASH agencies now have access to a national transit dashboard system that tells their real community value story.

TransDASH was designed by TransPro to:

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Performance Scorecards

Our Performance Scorecards are a smart, powerful tool for public sector leadership – and the communities they serve. This is because our scorecards are intentionally built to include key performance metrics (KPIs) that truly relate to organizational goals and service outcomes that are important to the community being served.

Every organization can generate lots and lots of data. TransPro collaborates with clients to identify the most important data to be monitored and helps establish outcomes that realistically push the needle on performance – whether the organization is as large as 10,000 employees or as small as 100.

By design, TransPro scorecards help leaders tell their performance story. Staff, board members, customers, and taxpayers can all easily understand the presentation of our scorecards and how the data presented connects to organizational goals and performance.

Customer Surveys

Voice of the Customer Satisfaction & Community Value Surveys

For municipalities and government agencies, school districts, and public transportation agencies.

When you need to know what customers are experiencing and thinking about your organization and its services. TransPro knows how to capture their perceptions – and see how they stack up to your actual performance.

With the following elements, our process determines, measures, and communicates the value that customers and residents believe they receive from the local government organization:

The NPS Formula for Success

Our customer satisfaction survey’s most essential question concerns the Net Promoter Score (NPS), which has proven to be the ultimate gauge of customer satisfaction and is the true indicator of how the agency is performing. 

Coupled with our Customer Satisfaction Index, we measure customer perception AND actual performance metrics for a clear assessment of your organization’s customer-facing performance. 

Community Value

Public sector organizations are all established to provide a level of service to their community. Outstanding public sector organizations deliver appreciable community value.

TransPro has worked nationwide with public sector agencies, municipalities, and school districts – and their communities – to elevate services provided and the way service is
communicated to the community.

Our Community Value process starts with a deep understanding of the organization’s vision, values, and goals. Then we engage the community to gather impressions and discover where gaps and opportunities for improvement exist – and we collaborate with the organization to develop actionable strategies to address the gaps and a system to measure transformation.

Working with TransPro on Community Value, organizations have experienced increased customer satisfaction, stabilized finances, increased customers, cost reductions, operational efficiencies, and reductions in taxpayer subsidies.

Employee Engagement

Employees create the Customer Experience. TransPro helps you create engaged employees.

In this practice area, we work with clients to help them view employee engagement and
performance in an actionable way so your organization can deliver the ultimate customer

Our Employee Engagement focus provides clients with a granular view into the employee’s mindset and delivers a high level tracking of engagement that drives transformation and
service excellence.

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