Executive Coaching

Strategic Communications and Public Outreach

Robust and engaging leadership development is the cornerstone of consistent public sector internal and external culture. TransPro has a proven track record of exceptional coaching results with expertise in developing leadership programs for public sector agencies, school districts, and municipalities. 

We customize all programming and engage with executives in a 1:1 capacity, with leadership teams in monthly cohorts and staffing teams in workshops.

Over the years, we have guided hundreds of public sector executives and managers through our leadership development programming, where the focus is on next level leadership skills.

Our curriculum centers on topics critical to public sector performance, culture change, and the delivery of community value, including:

Organizational Assessment

Organizations seeking to become high-performing benefit from an organizational assessment. TransPro has performed organizational assessments for public sector clients where new leadership came into office, new services were introduced requiring effective and efficient staffing, and helping management address under-performing teams.  

While each Organizational Assessment is different, each begins with TransPro’s deep delve into the organization to understand strategic vision, current culture, processes, communications, reporting structure, and other vital aspects that clarify the organization’s strengths and opportunities. 

To gather important information, we meet with internal teams, hold 1:1 discussions, analyze relevant data, and review lessons from high-performing peers. We also facilitate SWOT workshops and conduct employee and community surveys if needed. 

Our work in this area has delivered valuable third-party recommendations leading to:

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