Who We Are


To TRANSform leaders and organizations to PROduce breakthrough results.


To be the thought leader and primary resource in public sector organizational transformation.

TransPro Values

I commit myself to continuous learning to bring insights and value to my clients and teammates.

I create strong relationships with my clients, care for them as people and, as a result, support their organization’s success.

I am proactive to the needs of my client, anticipate their unexpressed needs and identify topics where I could bring additional value.

I present fact-based recommendations when engaging with my clients and teammates and make it clear when I am only expressing my opinion.

I identify and work on topics I am passionate about so I am personally invested.

I participate in planning the work I am involved in and manage myself, my teammates, and my clients time, consistent with both schedule and budget.

I begin client work well in advance of the deadline, engage a thought partner for project framing and allow optimum time for review to deliver premium, insightful quality to my client.

I am committed to following the processes established to ensure the best outcome for both our clients and our team.

I identify ways and deliver on how I can support my teammates’ success.

I respect and take advantage of my teammates time and talent.

I am responsible for the balance that allows me to achieve both personal and professional goals.

I understand what success looks like for me and how I contribute to TransPro’s success.

TransPro Team

Who We Are

Mark Aesch, Chief Executive Officer

Mark Aesch is a thought leader who passionately believes that public sector agencies can operate as efficiently and as focused on meeting customer needs as private sector businesses. As CEO and founder of TransPro, Mark leads the team in guiding organizations to new levels of performance excellence with the 7 Steps to Success performance management model. Mark has extensive experience in facilitating meetings and retreats with Boards, management, staff, and community members. He also supports organizations in the development of strategic plans, performance measurement systems, incentive compensation programs, and programs to improve service.

As Senior Advisor and certified executive leadership coach at Boston Consulting Group, Mark has advised transportation executives around the world. His leadership has driven millions of dollars in cost savings, aligned leadership teams, and dramatically improved performance.

Mark is a dynamic public speaker with representation from Washington Speaker’s Bureau and Leading Authorities. He is also the best-selling author of the business book Driving Excellence, published by Hyperion in 10 countries, which details the concept of managing a public sector agency with a private sector mindset at the regional transit system in Rochester, New York. His new book, Saving America: 7 Proven Steps to Make Government Deliver Great Results, expands on the principles and strategies that make organizations successful.

Mark holds bachelor’s degrees in Communications and History from the College at Brockport.

Who We Are

Ehren Bingaman, Principal

Ehren Bingaman is a passionate executive leader driven to improve lives and communities through collaboration and equitable, innovative mobility infrastructure.

Ehren's career in public transportation leadership is extensive. He has served as executive director of the Central Indiana Transportation Authority in Indianapolis and most recently as the Director of Transportation Planning for HNTB Corporation in Atlanta. He has national experience driving public transportation leadership, planning, capital programming, innovation, transportation demand management, communications, public involvement, and operations.

Ehren holds bachelor's degrees in Urban Planning & Development, Political Science; Environmental Design from Ball State University.

Who We Are

Kristopher Browning, Project Leader

Kristopher Browning is a project manager with an emphasis in business process improvements, organizational change management and strategic planning. Kristopher brings extensive experience in problem-solving funding and process challenges inside and outside public sector organizations.

Kristopher holds a certification as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and has relied on that training to lead process improvements inside the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) as well as the creation of FDACS’s first department-wide strategic plan.

Previously, Kristopher served as a Consultant at a firm specializing in criminal justice reform and economic development policies where he built value through relationships and his understanding of the legislative and budget processes. With his unique perspective and background, Kristopher is a strong facilitator, communicator and project manager focused on providing the highest level of customer service while working to achieve the most profitable results.

Kris holds a bachelor’s degree in Telecommunication and a master’s in Entrepreneurship, both from the University of Florida.

Who We Are

Michele Dinan, Principal

Michele Dinan (Shelly) is an accomplished communications and marketing expert with more than 25 years of experience in corporate, public, and non-profit communication and marketing. She has led public engagement and communication campaigns for clients nationwide.

Through disciplined content development, graphic-rich presentations, advertising, and social media campaigns, she takes the often-complex message of data and gives it an understandable context for consumers and decision-makers. Shelly’s writing and graphic design talents help to make TransPro's strategic plans, performance scorecards, reports, and presentations come alive.

Shelly holds a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from St. Bonaventure University.

Who We Are

Aimee Harrington, Director of Operations

Aimee Harrington is a multi-faceted senior consultant who lends her extensive background as a Human Resources director to lead our executive recruitment services. She is currently a member of Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). As Director of Operations, Aimee is also responsible for guiding behind the scenes business interactions for TransPro.

Prior to joining TransPro in 2013, Aimee worked in the private sector with a multi-million-dollar corporation holding first the position of Director of Human Resources and then the position of Chief Operating Officer.

Aimee holds a bachelor’s degree in general studies concentrating in Business & Psychology from the University of Lafayette Louisiana.

Who We Are

Gayle Pavek, Project Leader

Gayle leads all TransPro customer satisfaction survey programs. She is well-versed in customer satisfaction survey development and deployment, and has

Previously, Gayle worked with a private transportation corporation as an expert in all facets of risk, loss control and security. She is a collaborative problem-solver who uses reporting, processes improvement, project management, audits and training strengths to exceed management expectations in driving revenue growth by consistently reducing losses and controlling costs.

Gayle holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management & Marketing from Saint Leo University.

Who We Are

Lyndsey Scofield, PMP, Principal

Lyndsey Scofield is a detail-oriented planning and certified project management professional (PMP) with strong research and analytical skills, as well as extensive experience working with diverse stakeholder groups.

Lyndsey previously worked for NJ Transit, the largest statewide public transportation agency in the country, where she was involved in dozens of research projects to support strategic initiatives, marketing, Title VI, planning studies, and other agency needs.

Lyndsey has a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science & Policy from the University of South Florida and a master’s in Urban Planning (MUP) from New York University's Wagner School of Public Service.

Who We Are

Heather Smith-Bermudez, Principal

Heather Smith-Bermudez is a customer-focused management expert with more than 20 years in the public sector industry.

As the former general manager of New Jersey Transit's Access Link, Heather understands the many facets of customer service and is able to guide teams in best practices on the delivery of timely, accurate, and customer-facing interactions in areas including reservations, call center, service monitor, scheduling, certification, contract compliance, information and technology, policy and planning and customer outreach.

Heather holds a bachelor’s degree from Moravian College.