Transportation Talent Placement & Development

Transportation Talent Placement & Development

Executive Placement

TransPro’s Transportation Executive Placement Team discreetly utilizes an established network to nationally and globally source candidates. TransPro is highly skilled in developing compensation strategy aligned with organizational goals, full-service placement services consists of offer presentation and counteroffer planning.

Interim CEO and Executive Management Services

TransPro maintains your business momentum while your organization searches for a replacement. Finding and vetting the right replacement from inside or outside the organization can take time. The TransPro Interim Executives have the depth and talent to drive organizational initiatives and is a preferred interim solution for:

First 100 Day Success Program

When a new CEO takes office, the first several months is essential to setting the right tone and gaining an understanding of the agency. TransPro’s First 100 Day Success Program drives organizational accountability for ensuring new success:


Executive Leadership Coaching. Web-Based Classes. One-On-One Mentoring.

TransPro-Exec is a year-long, web-based executive leadership coaching program for executives, supervisors and managers to discover the principles of TransPro's 7 Steps to Success and how to drive their teams and organizations to high levels of performance.

Each TransPro-Exec cohort is comprised of about 8 executives from across the country who meet once a month to discuss performance management and goal setting techniques that can immediately be implemented within their organizations.

Guest Coaches – business leaders who have made a significant mark within their own industries are featured along with TransPro CEO Mark Aesch and provide inspiring guidance and lessons.

TransPro-Exec is specially designed for busy executives to join in from their own office via webinar.

Program topics include:

TransPro-Exec Plus

This highly personalized bi-weekly program meets the participant’s current executive management acumen and takes it to the next level through close and candid work with TransPro CEO Mark Aesch. The goal is to first develop a personal strategic plan and then work toward achieving a “Success Moment.”

Through bi-weekly video conferences, the program holds participants accountable, monitors their progress with measurable goals, and is flexible as circumstances in any business or personal life can shift.

One-Day Transformations

TransPro’s one day program lays the foundation for busy executives and their teams how to launch powerful transformation within their organizations. It’s success on the fast track – low cost with high impact. Leadership coaching for Executive and middle managers. High power topics we cover include:

Strategic Planning For The Team

Move your team toward development of an actionable Strategic Plan that focuses your team for breakthrough results.

Transit Operations Excellence Workshops

Build highly efficient systems that are rewarding for transit customers and taxpayers. Workshops are held at your facility for fast track knowledge about how to excel in:

Customer Experience Training

TransPro operational executives, who have actually managed transit systems, offer training experiences for bus operators, call center staff, and operational staff on the customer experience. Through active role-playing experiences, TransPro has a 7 Steps of Customer Engagement from planning the trip all the way to departing the vehicle - including boarding and fare payment - TransPro has broken down each step in the process to enhance overall customer satisfaction levels and how the frontline employee can have direct positive impact.

Performance Reviews

TransPro uses performance management best practices to help improve employee engagement and achieve success. We guide successful organizations to use performance reviews right. Organizational goals aligned to individual goals, assure effective execution and measure individual results.

360 Reflective Feedback

TransPro’s 360 Reflective Feedback surveys benefit leadership, teams, and the entire organization.

TransPro provides a safe, confidential, and reliable way for your team to provide feedback, while your organization gains valuable insight into current leadership, teams, and overall health of the organization. TransPro guides your organization to use feedback data correctly, connect data to individual annual plans and help employees improve and become better leaders and contributors in your organization.

Board Governance

TransPro works intimately to identify, analyze and craft governance strategies to advance your organizations purpose. Align the district Board and leadership on vision and march to success.