Transportation Effectiveness and Efficiency

Transportation Effectiveness and Efficiency

Route Optimization • Trip Scoring Index • Service Mapping • Ridership Analysis

So often, public transportation systems are in the mode where they “cut” service based on budgetary restraints. These often negative, loud experiences place the transit system in a negative light – and put it in a defensive posture.

TransPro’s Trip Scoring Index is an online tool that gives transit service providers powerful data-driven insights to make sensible route adjustments – quarterly, seasonally or whenever required. It is a market driven analytical device that marries two typically competing metrics – cost recovery and ridership – into a single focused piece of analysis – providing value to both taxpayers and customers alike.

This web-based system combines an agency’s actual data points with our powerful analytics formula to determine key indicators that pertain directly to cost recovery and quality of service. This service:

Transit Revenue Generation • Catalyze Economic Development •Job Connectivity Program Development • Transit Route Partnerships

TransPro transportation planners have led numerous real estate development initiatives, qualifying tens of millions of dollars in development funds for development projects that spur economic development and creates local jobs.

TransPro is skilled and familiar with all aspect of federal transportation project from:

Transit Comprehensive Operational Analysis

TransPro has delivered effective redesigns of transit delivery systems around the country that meets the triad of success --- reduced costs, improved customer experience, and enhance route productivity. Beyond simply supporting an agency with once a decade solutions, TransPro helps transit agencies establish quarterly monitoring mechanisms to stay on top of customer and taxpayers demands and ensure that service delivery is always out performing against measurable goals.

Process Redesign

The TransPro team has helped multiple agencies redesign internal processes to improve employee engagement levels, enhance customer experience or reduce costs. Whether it’s an improved vehicle cleanliness process, introduction of a new paratransit certification process, or reducing the % of buses that depart before schedule, TransPro’s work is done in a collaborative fashion with employees, so they can implement the newly designed process in a sustainable and successful manner.