Efficiency and Effectiveness

Efficiency and Effectiveness

Organizational Restructuring

TransPro works with Boards, County and City Administrators and other department heads and senior leaders on how to best align the organization/s key leadership, departments and functional units around a clear definition of success. Desired results drive the structure rather than personalities. Rather than a simple "change for the sake of different", TransPro works with organizational leadership to truly think through what structure will be position the team to deliver the success they have already clearly defined.

Organizational Compensation Alignment

TransPro works with government entities to align compensation goals around a common philosophy --- largely that base compensation is built on market data -- and performance compensation is built around delivering measurable results. Our approach is to cascade performance based compensation throughout the organization - tying individual incentive opportunities to the municipalities Performance Scorecard such that when taxpayers win, employees win."

Annual Employee Work Plans

TransPro works with department leaders to construct annual work plans for employees that have three key elements: