Education Performance Management

Education Performance Management

Community Value Index

TransPro works with District leadership to design meaningful survey questions and then we focus group test them in a professional setting to ensure we have survey design properly established.

Focus Groups
Even before survey local resident, actual customers are first engaged in focus groups to help create meaningful survey questions and metrics.

Customer Surveys

With a well informed focus group survey, TransPro designs scientifically validated sampling methods. Further, we employ real time technology so results can be presented with remarkable speed - enabling immediate opportunity for a District to make adjustments.

Survey Analytics
After the survey has been deployed we develop a summary of findings including statistical analysis, root cause analysis and recommended plan for action.

Performance Scorecards & Results Management Development

Ongoing community satisfaction monitoring occurs with TransPro’s quarterly Performance Scorecard – a measurement tool that is tied directly to a formula-driven, prioritized point data matrix. This ensures that the school district effectively makes the transition from delivering educational services – to driving success and delivering satisfaction to the community at-large. TransPro designs & develop systems to monitor, manage and communicate quantifiable metrics with goals and prioritization that drive excellence and achieve community and organizational success.

Employee Engagement Index

Employees create the Customer Experience! You Create Engaged Employees!

TransPro helps you understand your employee engagement and performance in an actionable way. TransPro’s EEI identifies core relationship issues requiring change so your schools and district as a whole can deliver the ultimate taxpayer value. Our process provides you with a granular view into employees’ mindsets and obtains high-level tracking of employees’ engagement, we identify segments or subgroups, such as areas of challenge and areas of success and track progress from year to year that drive excellence.