What Does It Mean to Be a Values-Driven Organization?

What Does It Mean to Be a Values-Driven Organization?
What Does It Mean to Be a Values-Driven Organization?
By Kristopher Browning, Principal Consultant

What are the key behaviors that are essential in your organization to define and achieve success? At TransPro, we believe it’s our values – a culture of ownership – where everyone has the responsibility and desire to achieve success through a collective prism of guiding principles. Organizational values provide an organization a foundation which creates the highest performing and healthiest workplace possible.

In many successful values-driven organizations, the values are held personally as each individual believes the values are instrumental in how they work. Several companies with strong values include The Walt Disney Company, Apple, and Sony. Each of these companies have their own spin on organizational values for employees to embrace and model while delivering great products and services.

At TransPro, we review and highlight at least one value every day, providing our team the visibility and opportunity for reflection as we work to “live” each value. By holding ourselves and our colleagues accountable for adhering to the values in all of our actions, we are able to successfully drive towards our collective goals.

TransPro’s values range from how we engage with clients and our commitment to continuous learning, to supporting teammate’s success and working on topics we’re personally passionate about. Each of TransPro’s 12 values serves a unique purpose to collectively define the prism by which each team member strives to conduct themselves.

We believe organizational values are vitally important for an organization’s success because they align the workforce around the central tenants of success, at the personal and organizational level. In our experience, organizations that have clear values have greater alignment on their purpose and have engaged employees that are focused on achieving the agency’s outcomes.