The Next 10 Years: Driving Change, Celebrating Success

The Next 10 Years: Driving Change, Celebrating Success
The Next 10 Years: Driving Change, Celebrating Success
By Ehren Bingaman, Principal Consultant

The next 10 years of TransPro promise to be as exciting and fulfilling as the first 10 years. The privilege of collaborating with public sector organizations to achieve transformational results motivates us to help even more. We expect the next 10 years of TransPro to build on our solid foundation of experience with several outcomes.

Here’s what we hope to celebrate with our partners when we turn 20.

1. Celebrating your successes in achieving transformational results. Our work allows us to meet and work with amazing, courageous people that expect more of themselves and their organizations. In the next 10 years we want to see you and your peers achieve your biggest wins and celebrate them with you because we love seeing others do great things!

2. Influencing the national dialogue around the measures of value over volume in transit and public sector performance. What if the appropriation of public subsidies were based on the quality of services, satisfaction of customers, and impact on our communities rather than population, miles and hours? In the next 10 years we’d love to see this conversation move forward to real policy change.

3. Our continued focus on Planning, Performance, Process, and People in Transportation, Government, and Education means our passion and vision will continue to diversify in more communities and sectors. We love what we do and over the next 10 years plan to be working with more partners, in more ways than ever before.

The drive for excellence is never ending—it’s also inspiring. We can’t wait to celebrate another 10 years and share in our team’s and partners’ successes.