Taking Charge of Balance: One TransProvian's Story

Taking Charge of Balance: One TransProvian's Story
By Lesley Goldberg, Communications Leader

My story of achieving balance begins with breaking old, unhealthy work habits. For most of my professional life, work-life balance took the form of working until every task was finished, and then figuring out how to cram life-enriching hobbies into whatever time was left over.

Predictably, this approach doesn’t work out so well for either my work life or my personal life. It leads me to burn out on my work until I resent it — and give over all my after-work time to the post-office energy crash.

This is what comes of taking a view of work-life balance in which employees are expected to simply form their lives around the demands of work. Truly, my work-life balance changed when I realized that balance is never simply one-sided.

I’ll say it again: Balance isn’t one-sided, and work-life balance isn’t simply about making your personal life fill up the space around your work life. Taking charge of what I deliver at work and how I recharge outside of it has turned me into a healthier, happier TransProvian — even if I’m still perfecting my technique. It’s an effort that’s worth undertaking.