Success Plans and Your School District

Success Plans and Your School District
Success Plans and Your School District
By Mark Aesch

Many strategic planning organizations help a public organization through the relatively elementary processes of defining their mission and vision. Some will even help an organization define its values that employees should utilize in their interaction with one another throughout the year. TransPro’s process does all of that — but the innovation to our process comes from the clarity of defining success for the coming year – with an aligned performance measurement system to ensure efforts turn into results. It is what we call a Success Plan.

A mission statement describes why your school district exists.

A vision statement is what your school district desires to become – typically five years out.

A success statement establishes, quantifiably, what must occur this coming year in order to positively advance on that journey to the achievement of the vision. This clear definition of success helps to avoid distraction, prevents others from defining success, and establishes clear priorities for the coming year – and it is unique to the TransPro process.

TransPro is there to facilitate strategic planning services, revisit your school district’s existing goals and vision for the school community for the next five years. TransPro’s Success Plan process supports the construction of precisely that by actively engaging multiple stakeholders, both internal and external, engaging members of the Board of Education’s support and ensuring that the District’s strategic plan becomes operational and truly delivers success.

A key element of making your school district’s plan actionable is the development of a performance measurement system that incorporates active engagement from stakeholder workshops and is fully aligned with the key strategies, goals, and objects of your school districts success plan.

The TransPro performance measurement system includes a dashboard that tracks organizational progress over time. The scorecard measures performance against goals set by the District across a variety of key metrics – all focused towards delivering value to students, parents, taxpayers, and other core stakeholders.

TransPro's team is comprised of leaders with many years of experience in engaging public sector stakeholder focus groups and using the information gained from these sessions as a foundation for strategic plan development.

When a school district desires a proper performance measurement system to monitor its progress toward achieving and ensuring alignment with its priorities and goals. This performance measurement system will provide transparency so Board members, management, faculty, staff, parents, students and all stakeholders will know exactly how the District is performing relative to its goals. The TransPro Performance Scorecard is being utilized in dozens of public sector organizations throughout the country and is the cornerstone of TransPro CEO Mark Aesch's best-selling book on public sector management, Saving America: 7 Steps to Make Government Deliver Great Results. Our scorecards are constructed to easily integrate with existing technology programs.

TransPro Consulting stands ready to guide your school district through its innovative and acclaimed strategic planning process. Our performance scorecard development process, which includes prioritizing key organizational strategies and the metrics that measure those strategies, ensures that the District’s Performance Scorecard is aligned with the goals and objectives that you have identified as essential to its success. The TransPro highly collaborative strategic planning process will crystallize goals, construct the strategies necessary to achieve those goals, and create a balanced performance scorecard measurement system that will ensure the strategic plan becomes a living, breathing document that guides you to success.