Strategic Plan and Performance Scorecard Development and Implementation

Strategic Plan and Performance Scorecard Development and Implementation
Strategic Plan and Performance Scorecard Development and Implementation


In 2016, TransPro was engaged by a municipal transportation system with operations in the southern United States to conduct an executive-level organizational assessment, third-party vendor oversight assessment, and customer satisfaction survey services. These tasks established a baseline understanding of the agency’s current state of operations and performance, as well as identified opportunities for reforms that could further enhance performance and the quality of service provided to its customers.

Due to the success of these initial projects, the organization engaged TransPro to lead the agency through development of a strategic plan, aligned performance scorecard, and customer satisfaction index that measures customer impressions against actual performance on the factors that customers identified as top priorities. TransPro led a management and staff retreat to define the organization’s mission, vision, and values, as well as conduct a prioritized SWOT analysis to home in on internal and external factors that may affect the organization’s ability to deliver on its definition of success for the coming year. The team also aligned around five strategic pillars of Customers, Financial, Capital Program, Employees, and Stakeholder Engagement.

Working with management and staff, TransPro led the team through prioritization and identification of metrics and definitions that were aligned with the strategic pillars. TransPro also assisted in identifying realistic but challenging goals, assigning metric owners, and developing tactics for achieving goals – culminating in a highly actionable strategic plan.

In 2017, the organization engaged TransPro on a number of additional initiatives, including assistance in the implementation of the performance scorecard, customer satisfaction surveys, employee engagement, and community surveys. TransPro continues to work with the organization to help guide their continuous transformation into a system that effectively meet the needs of their growing metropolitan area.