Should Perception Be Your Reality? We Can Tell You.

Should Perception Be Your Reality? We Can Tell You.
Should Perception Be Your Reality? We Can Tell You.
By Gayle Pavek

Do you have 97% on-time performance? Do your technology systems tell you that is true? Does customer sentiment tell you the opposite? You may be victim of your customer's perceived reality and suffering from an identity crisis.

The legacy of Lee Atwater’s ‘Perception versus Reality’ has shifted in today’s world of instant communication channels to the potential enemy of brand awareness: ‘Perceived Reality’. Paramount to moving the proverbial needle when it comes customer satisfaction is measuring our perceived reality.

The customer experience is the key component to a transportation agency's journey to Driving Excellence. At TransPro, establishing an evidence-based process begins by conducting TransPro’s Voice of the Customer, which focuses on the customer experience.

At TransPro, we work to compare actual performance with impression of performance. Studies have shown that when people on hold waiting for a customer service representative are asked how long they think they were on hold, they typically answer 5-6 minutes. The reality is they were on hold for 70 seconds. They believe by a factor of 5x their impression of how long they were on hold compared to how long they were actually on hold.

TransPro’s innovative thinking has built a tool and process so you can understand the distinction.

Even before we hit the street with surveys, actual customers of the system are first engaged in focus groups to help create meaningful survey questions and metrics. With information from the Focus Groups, we design a sampling method to ensure representation across route, time of day and day of week.. TransPro uses real-time technology, so results can be calculated with remarkable speed – enabling immediate opportunity to make adjustments and improve quality.

After the survey has been deployed we develop a summary of findings including statistical analysis and recommended plan for action. Ongoing customer satisfaction monitoring occurs with TransPro’s quarterly Customer Satisfaction Index- a measurement tool that is tied directly to a formula-driven, prioritized point data matrix. This ensures that an agency effectively makes the transition from delivering service – to delivering satisfaction and becoming more than perceived reality. TransPro designs & develop systems to monitor, manage and communicate quantifiable metrics with goals and prioritization that drive excellence and achieve organizational success.