Our Approach To Success

Our Approach To Success
By Mark Aesch

Benchmarking and performance management are an integral part of TransPro’s approach to nearly every project we undertake because we believe that it’s both insightful and instructive to understand how one’s own performance and practices compare to industry peers, and that projects undertaken by an agency should have a clear, quantifiable outcome linked to their overall strategic priorities. Our team of professionals is known for successfully planning and sustaining high-performance public sector organizations through our innovative approach and information systems. Whether leading the formation of the American Bus Benchmarking Group (ABBG) or introducing the measurement of Net Promoter Score (NPS) to dozens of transit systems as a measure of customer satisfaction, our team is involved in actually setting industry standards. Our methods for identifying peer agencies and performing benchmarking are rooted in proven analytical methodologies from resources like the Transportation Research Board (TRB) of the National Academies.

We are also pioneers in performance management. TransPro Consulting’s team of management, operations, and communications specialists developed one of the transit industry’s earliest – if not the first – prioritized performance scorecard and aligned performance evaluation systems for employees. Since then we have developed both standalone organizational performance scorecards as well as aligned department scorecards and evaluation systems for transit agencies, municipalities, and public sector organizations across the nation.

As pioneers in performance management scorecard and evaluation system development, TransPro has literally written the book on how to create a performance scorecard aligned with a performance evaluation system. In fact, I have authored two books on the topic. Both are best-selling titles in the business category. We know from our experience as the management team of a New York State transit agency and in our work consulting public sector agencies of all sizes, how to construct performance scorecard systems that:

While many organizations have scorecards and KPIs, the performance management systems we build are proven to succeed at focusing organizations, departments, and individuals on work that makes an appreciable difference to the quality of the customer experience.

TransPro supports NPS as the key measure of your customers’ overall perception of your brand. NPS is a leading indicator for growth; it provides the best anchor for your customer experience management program. NPS is complemented with other metrics and insights from various points along the customer journey, and you have a comprehensive, actionable view of your customer experience performance to drive results.