Joy: 7 Steps to Success!

Joy: 7 Steps to Success!
Joy: 7 Steps to Success!
By Mark Aesch

When Spring Training opens, everyone on the baseball team – from the General Manager down to the bat boy – knows what Success Moment the team is focused on achieving.

A baseball team is able to align every single person in the organization – from the first baseman, to the trainer, to the bat boy — around what a good year looks like before the season ever begins -- that singular moment when the 27th out is made in the final game of the World Series - and you came out on top. Everyone knows precisely that moment when they get to rush the pitcher’s mound celebrating success. Creating that clarity of success in your organization – such that everyone at all levels recognizes that moment – is what a Success Moment crystallizes. Success Moments have the unharnessed potential to bring joy into our lives.

Sparks of joy and excitement, living a life you can take joy from, working to add more joy to your life is TransPro’s specialty. Creating strategic roadmaps - what we call Success Plans - for school districts and other public and private organizations across the country. TransPro Consulting has established a unique niche in the public sector – constructing actionable strategic plans with balanced, aligned performance scorecards – that produces higher levels of confidence from both taxpayers and consumers that are meant to be celebrated.

We begin by bringing meaning and thoughtfulness into what we do by collaboratively engaging management, board members and staff to create organizational goals, or a Success Moment, to identify what a successful year looks like for the entire organization. After establishing the Success Moment, we engage management, staff, and key stakeholders to identify the strategies and tactics necessary to achieve it. Lastly, we create a performance measurement scorecard to monitor progress towards success.

Through TransPro’s strategic planning process 7 Steps to Success!, organizational success is clearly defined and then a strategy is developed to achieve it, to creating joy in our lives.

TransPro’s approach has worked for multiple public sector agencies throughout the country - as TransPro has effectively worked to support these agencies to define success, develop a plan to achieve it, and a methodology to transparently measure, report and ultimately improve performance.