How Workforce Development Can Lead to Employee Engagement

How Workforce Development Can Lead to Employee Engagement
How Workforce Development Can Lead to Employee Engagement
By Kristopher Browning, Principal Consultant

A challenge many agencies face is how to attract and retain a strong workforce committed to the agency’s success. How do you know what drives your employees’ success? What are the most important factors for your employees to be engaged in their work and support your agency’s success? We don’t know the answers to these questions unless we ask our employees and then develop a work plan to support them as people and train them as employees.

Read on to hear about what steps you can take to understand what could drive your employees to be more engaged.

To better understand how we can retain top talent and know what’s most important to our employees, we must ask them. TransPro has partnered with agencies who have demonstrated success in identifying key drivers to these questions through an employee engagement survey.

Are we meeting the personal needs of our employees? Using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs we understand we have to meet those basic needs of food, shelter, safety and security for their family before they can think about supporting an outside vision and achieving their full potential. Once we establish that we are providing the basic needs for our employees, and we’ve asked our employees what’s most important for their success, we can provide hard and soft skills training opportunities to improve their competencies and well-being.

By listening to employees and developing a workplan to support them personally and professionally, your organization can create a culture of support and trust for all employees – ultimately resulting in increased employee engagement and a dedicated workforce that is committed to the goals of the organization.