How to Make Meetings Matter

How to Make Meetings Matter
How to Make Meetings Matter
By Lyndsey Scofield, Principal Consultant

In 2019, poorly organized meetings cost U.S. businesses $399 billion. And even as 2020 found many of us changing our work practices and conducting meetings online rather than face-to-face, workplaces are still struggling with the same inefficiencies that plagued in-person meetings before.

If you feel that majority of the meetings you attend are not purposeful, efficient, or a valuable use of your time, then you're in good company: Some 47% of employees complain that meetings waste their time the most at work.

The good news is that transforming into an organization that holds meetings that matter is very much within your grasp. Read on for a few of our quick tips that you can implement right away to start improving the quality of your meetings.

Our Quick Tips for a Successful Meeting:

Adopting a practice of meetings that matter requires an understanding of what makes them break down — and a commitment to sticking to certain parameters that will bring them back under control.

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