Data-Driven Decisions: Living the TransPro Values

Data-Driven Decisions: Living the TransPro Values
Data-Driven Decisions: Living the TransPro Values
By Kristopher Browning, Principal Consultant

One of TransPro’s values is, “I present fact-based recommendations when engaging with my clients and teammates and make it clear when I am only expressing my opinion.” In organizations that make data-driven decisions, it is important that clients are equipped with the appropriate information to make the most informed – and sometimes difficult – decisions possible.

Through our strategic planning process, many of our partners identify increasing community value as a success outcome for their agency. One of the ways that we’ve found to be the most successful in defining community value is through a community survey measuring the perception of the agency’s value in key elements of service. The survey serves as an objective data point in understanding how an agency is bringing value to the community.

Read on to find out how one agency’s community survey results can be used to increase value to non-riders in the region.

Recently, in working with a mid-size agency, the results of the community impressions indicated the agency was highly valuable in providing transportation in the region and in providing access to employment, medical, and educational facilities. However, when asked the question of whether it was valuable on the personal level, the agency scored lower marks. Those results, in conjunction with information from the agency about its current programs and activities, create an opportunity, using objective data, for the agency to focus on how its service impacts each person in the community.

As our partners seeks to improve the perception of value in the community, TransPro uses fact-based recommendations and data to identify where there may be opportunity to move the needle and improve the agency.