Clarity of Values: Success in Employee Retention

Clarity of Values: Success in Employee Retention
Clarity of Values: Success in Employee Retention
By Ehren Bingaman, Principal Consultant

The conditions facing employers today around recruiting, hiring, and retention are severe. Organizations, public and private, are working daily to retain the talent they have while trying to fill increasing vacancies in their operations. The gap never seems to close. Organizations are losing employees to a job seekers market (or some workers are not returning to work yet). This means hiring never stops and is leaving many organizations in a constant state of transition.

The onboarding of new employees and the pressure to keep the ones you have is greater than ever. People have always been a precious resource, but that value takes on a greater shine in a tight labor market.

Managing change is challenging, especially when it comes to people. Making sure people know what is expected of them and clarity around success and how you want them to “show up,” enhances your success in retaining new talent. TransPro is living this right now. We recently hired 5 people in 45 days! For a small business, that’s a huge impact on our team.

To manage change we are continuing to lean on our clearly defined values. We are doubling down on maintaining the fundamental components of our culture, because culture will win in a battle of change. We are enhancing our quarterly feedback process to assure team members are connected to leaders with meaningful engagement about career pathways, objective performance metrics, and the values that the employee AND supervisor live day in and day out.

We believe the clarity of our values is a critical component to our success and our leadership in this area will serve as a model for all businesses to weather the labor shortage and change management crisis that we are in.