A TransPro Story: Engaging a Remote Workforce

A TransPro Story: Engaging a Remote Workforce
A TransPro Story: Engaging a Remote Workforce
By Jason Perreault, Project Leader

In an ever-morphing world rife with the complexities of change, and forces of push and pull on the tides of the transit world, TransPro Consulting excels in its engagement with a remote workforce. A daily morning “huddle” is one element of company culture that is key to cultivating an engaged workforce. There are three main objectives to this meeting: bringing organizational values to life, aligning on daily activities, and providing a platform for problem-solving and collaboration.

Read on to see how this daily touchpoint helps the TransPro team stay engaged and collaborative as a remote workforce.

Foundational to the company are the 12 core values. These values serve as the guiding principles which create a workplace that is both healthy and high performing. As TransProvians, we hold ourselves and others accountable for adhering to them in all of our actions. Our organizational values are brought to life each morning as one team member reads a value and reflects on what it means to them. By restating these values every day, it nurtures a cohesive bond to advance our projects together.

Following the value of the day, each team member shares his/her key activities by answering the question - What does your day look like? Whether it is engaging with clients or developing insightful work for the industry, as a team, TransPro is always aware of the objectives for the day – individually and as a whole. By beginning the day with a forecast of the workload, it allows each team member to identify project tasks where they can bring value. This fires up the analytical engines early on to foster problem-solving throughout the remainder of the day. By establishing a daily cadence for the workweek and opening each workday with a team touchpoint, TransPro makes every minute of the day count.

TransProvians conclude the daily kick-off by identifying and revealing what they see as a challenging part of their day or week ahead. This embrace of vulnerability encourages teamwork from a distance; engaging colleagues in problem solving inherently leads to collaboration and thought partnership. By employing these three simple conversations each morning, TransPro has become an industry-leading team of problem solvers, transit solution stewards, and trusted advisors to the world of transit.