10 Years of Transformation in Charlotte, Denver, Detroit and More

10 Years of Transformation in Charlotte, Denver, Detroit and More
10 Years of Transformation in Charlotte, Denver, Detroit and More
By Mark Aesch, Chief Executive Officer

TransPro has turned 10 years old! In an era where family businesses that have existed north of one hundred years have succumbed to the economic pressures of a global pandemic - we are so humbled, honored and proud to be growing.

Our core purpose -- to challenge the status quo of public sector management, to think about problems differently, to lead the conversation of delivering measurable value for individuals and organizations -- is only continuing to inspire like-minded executives.

TransPro has 12 core values - and every single workday our employees read one and talk about how they try to bring that value to their work and life. Frankly, what excites the heck out of us is when we see our clients living those same values in their commitment to excellence in their work. Examples of those values and the executives that are leading on them are below.

John Lewis in Charlotte - presenting fact-based thinking and making it clear when he is expressing his opinion. This commitment has allowed John and his team to create a consistent culture that delivers industry leading customer satisfaction.

Debra Johnson in Denver --- a clear understanding of what success looks like for me and how she leads organizational excellence. As a new CEO, Debra's unwavering courage to clearly communicate and align her organization around clarity of success will position her and her agency to deliver with focused purpose.

Dave Bing in Detroit --- identifying topics that could ignite and solving them before they become fires. Former Mayor Bing supported a recommendation that was exactly the opposite of what everyone had advised him for a year - and his courage to think about the problem differently, and solving it early - avoided a massive failure for his City.

Gary Rosenfeld in Memphis -- recognizing that he is responsible for the balance in life that allows him to excel both personally and professionally - with his purposeful commitment to healthy daily walks with his four-legged Penny.

Henry Li in Sacramento -- identifying and working on topics that he is passionate about and surrounding himself with teammates that can ensure he is engaged in highest and best use of his time.

These executives, and dozens of others like them, have inspired our team of TransProvians to stay focused on our 12 values - and continue to lead the conversation on courage, commitment and focus.

We only get to celebrate our 10th birthday, because our customers provide us that opportunity. We are beyond grateful. Truly.

You have our commitment that over the coming 10 years, we will continue to support all of you that want to change the conversation, think about problems differently and lead on delivering measurable value for communities. We've got a lot of tricks up our sleeve to unveil in the coming years, and we look forward to rolling them up and celebrating our 20th anniversary together.