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Many qualified candidates exist for public sector leadership roles, but we know organizations that achieve the highest levels of success are led by executives who possess the right skills, values, and strategic alignment with the direction of the organization.

Former public administrators lead TransPro with various public administration, education, and transportation backgrounds, meaning access to a broad network of professionals. As a result, our team is uniquely qualified to place executives and managers and ensure they have the tools to deliver success.

We value  the importance of knowing our clients’ business, goals, corporate culture, and leadership style. Our executive recruitment search methodology customizes a brand statement and recruitment plan designed to achieve performance goals.

Qualified Candidates

When it comes to finding suitable candidates – whether for interim or permanent positions – the success of our approach comes from our screening process, which involves identifying individuals who are qualified technically – but more importantly, are also results-oriented and possess a focus on the customer and the taxpayer. 

TransPro is currently seeking individuals with interest and experience for Fixed Route GM positions.  For more information, please contact

TransPro is currently interviewing candidates for paratransit manager positions. For more information, please contact

Long Beach Transit (LBT) is currently seeking qualified candidates to fill the position of Labor & Employee Relations Manager.

This position is responsible for recommending the strategic planning, organizing, and evaluation of all areas of labor and employee relations for represented and non-represented employees in conjunction with labor and employee laws and Long LBT’s strategic priorities, values, and corporate objectives. 

This position oversees the grievance process and procedures, arbitration proceedings, and actively participates in contract negotiations on LBT’s negotiating team.

More information and application are available here

Long Beach Transit is seeking qualified candidates for the position of Environmental Health and Safety Manager

This position reports to the Executive Director/VP of Organizational Development and Administration and is responsible for providing a variety of progressively complex duties related to safety programs, employee safety, hazard mitigation, safety and environmental compliance, regulatory training, and program evaluation. This position also directs and oversees regulatory compliance programs in accordance with the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and other oversight agencies.

More information and application are available here

Long Beach Transit (LBT) is currently seeking qualified candidates to fill the position of Human Resources Manager. 

Under the direction of the Executive Director/VP, Organizational Development and Administration (ODA), the Manager of Human Resources is responsible for the administration of LBT’s human resources functions, which include orientation, compensation, benefits, and legal compliance with respect to policies and procedures, as well as employment practices.

More information and application are available here  

Lane Transit District (LTD) is seeking a new General Manager/ CEO. As the Chief Executive Officer, the position is responsible for all aspects of LTD’s business and governmental, public, and corporate activities. The winning candidate will report to a seven-person Board of Directors. The successful candidate must be passionate about public transportation and its value to the community, bring positive energy and palpable and infectious enthusiasm to the role, and build upon LTD staff’s existing commitment to the mission and core activities at Lane Transit District.

Apply for this position on Indeed or LinkedIn

TransPro Consulting is seeking a Project Survey Analyst who is passionate about transforming business as usual to deliver enhanced service to the community while being a responsible steward of taxpayer funds. The successful candidate is located in New Jersey and  will be responsible for:

– Leading, training, and managing field survey teams on various field surveys to understand customer and performance trends.

– Preparing & maintaining data, charts, plots, records, and documents.

– Interpreting survey data to understand opportunities for service improvement in transit systems.

– Collaborating with project analysts, clients, and other invested individuals to review and coordinate findings.

More information and application are available here

The General Manager will serve as the face of the transit organization and should be a strong leader, innovative thinker, and strong decision-maker. For more information contact

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